How the economy works

How the economy works

Are we,"the people", stupid?
How is it possible that in the United States we have allowed our government to create a 75,000 page tax code that costs the USA economy around $1,100,000,000,000 per year in administration and time from individuals and companies alike ? Yes indeed, that was SEVENTYFIVE THOUSAND PAGES and a whopping $1.1 TRILLION DOLLARS of wasted human effort and time that we all could use to more productive ends.

We are not stupid!
We just feel powerless against many of our legislators that are  being manipulated by powerfull special interests to create these corrupt tax laws that rob us of personal privacy and create costs of $7500 per household per year.  Politicians deceive the voters to satisfy their own political objectives by creating misleading and outright corrupt myths with which they promote their personal political careers and solicit bribes from special interest groups that stuff their re-election campaign coffers with money doled out by the large army of lobbyists in Washington .

An excellent tax system
There is a brilliantly simple tax system that is currently in front of legislatures Worldwide. This system is so excellently simple that it sounds too good to be true. The corrupt special interests, that have burdened all countries  with these rediculous systems of taxation, will fight this new tax system with whatever means and methods to their disposal to preserve the status-quo of their tax advantages they have paid for so dearly  with their bribes and false myths they have spread. 

Short explanation
This excellently simple new method of tax collection replaces, with a simple tax, all forms of taxation at all jurisdictions of government at Federal, State, County and City levels. It is an excise tax with a tax percentage that is extremely low as compared to current income tax percentages. The current 30,000 taxing agencies in the United States will be replaced with only a single form of taxation that is administered by 50 State Revenue Disbursement Agencies. One Revenue Disbursement Agency per State. For example the California Revenue Disbursement Agency will receive electronically transmitted revenue from the 5% bank deposit excise transaction tax all day long in real time. It will disburse that revenue immediately, also in real time, to all the jurisdictions that have nexus to the exise tax revenue. In the case of California, the Caifornia Revenue Disbursement Agency will transmit revenue to the Federal Treasury, the California State Treasury, the Treasuries of the 58 Counties in California and all other treasuries at lower levels of jurisdiction in California that have nexus to their local revenue collecting banks. 

Restores privacy, saves billions
No accounting, no record keeping, no tax reporting or tax form filing , no audits. The initially proposed tax rate is 5% or less. To equal the total taxes collected by all 30,000 current taxing agencies, this new Automatic Tax needs to be only 3.9%. It is collected by the banking system through deducting the tax percentage from all deposits made into bank accounts and all other money transfers in any other form such as perhaps PayPal and Bitcoin. The banks transfer the tax to a State Revenue Disbursement Agency that in turn distributes the total revenue received to all governments at all levels of lower jurisdiction in their State plus the Federal Government. 

Transition to the new tax
Transition from the current systems of taxation to the new combined tax collection system can be done immediately because all the systems that are used for normal banking deposit transactions for crediting bank accounts with deposits are already in place. Only simple software changes need to be added to make this form of taxation system fully functionable within one or two months.

The 30,000 taxing agencies that currently operate in the United States have created totally unproductive jobs for  12% of the working population in the United States.

The new Automatic Tax will eliminate literally millions of unproductive jobs that are currently held by all people that have jobs that are related to the currently existing 30,000 taxing agencies in the United States. Jobs such as accounting, tax return preparation, tax reducing schemes, offshore tax avoidance schemes and many other such tax related jobs will be eliminated by the millions. Such massive job losses would immediately create an economic recession or even depression. To phase this new tax sytem in without creating an instant recession or depression, all the people with these unproductive tax related jobs must be instantly absorbed in the economy by  creation of massive rebuilding of the former dominant American manufacturing sector of the economy. This rebuilding of the American manufacturing sector will be done by way of government grants at the State and County level. The money for these grants will be created by the authority of the 50 States that give the Federal Government the previlage to create money out of thin air, which previlage has been fraudulantly given to a corrupt cabal of large international bankers that are the owners of the Federal Reserve Bank. The Constitution provides that the authority and the duty to create money belongs to the Federal Government and that does not mean that the Federal Government should delegate its duty to create money to the Federal Reserve Bank or any other private entity. 

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